Three Months in an American Basement

Aloysius Mugisa had spent time in Virginia, Florida, and Indiana. He was able to share about Uganda and provide teachings and mini-retreats from his very unique perspective. However, now his return to Uganda was delayed until the US and Uganda could agree to allow the large number of stranded Uganda citizens. So make the most of your time in Bill Sjoberg’s basement. With a strong internet and a solid laptop Aloysius was able to continue his Ugandan ministries. He had weekly telecons with men and women leaders in Christian in Commerce and was able to coordinate the ministry’s weekly radio program. A lot of time was available for reading and prayer. But, when the sun was out you could find Aloysius helping with yardwork or increasing his intact of vitamin D.

Aloysius also found the convenience of shopping for his favorite fruits and vegetables from the local grocery store. He couldn’t always find exactly what he wanted but it wasn’t long and he had identified good substitutes.

This wasn’t Aloysius’ first trip to the United States, so it came as a surprise that he had never eaten a hot dog. One evening, a neighbor invited Aloysius and Bill over for a barbeque and sure enough it included hot dog with all the fixings.

On occasion dinner consisted of hamburgers from a local eatery. Aloysius was not shy about showing his appreciation.

The Sjoberg household would make a weekly dinner menu and Aloysius enjoyed the diversity of the meals. But, you can believe that his return to Uganda included the joy of having his home cooked meal.

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