Student Letters

Our generous donors have sponsored students, some for many years. Part of the benefits to this program is an occasional letter that reveals a little of what is going on in the student’s life. Here are a couple of recent letters.

We hope that you will consider sponsoring a student or students. For $300 a year you can cover their tuition costs and help keep the teachers at the school. I hope to attend the graduation of the three students we sponsor in 2023. Go to the Well Spring of Blessings website and use PayPal to send your support.

Bill Sjoberg

Inaugural Graduation!

The day that everyone has been waiting for dawned nice and sunny. On August 8, 2021 twenty eight students gathered with their families to celebrate all their hard scholastic work. Here is a commemorative plaque for future students to see.

This is what the graduates look like in person.

Each graduate got an individual plaque.

All this would not have been possible without good grades. Report cards are pretty big don’t you think?

Each graduate had their few minutes of fame receiving their plaque.

What would graduations be without a speech or two.

Every class has a valedictorian. Our school is no exception!

As the graduates look forward to the future, we hope they left a heritage of hard work and excellence other students at the school. Aloysius and Francis have promised to collect and maintain information of the alumni as they move into post-secondary education or into the job market.

The Economy is Recovering in Uganda

During the COVID Pandemic the cities in Uganda was ravaged since people were not allowed to be out on the street. In the countryside, villagers were able to maintain their crops and livestock. Unfortunately there was no where to sell the excess as markets and shops were closed. One of our agents Francis provided a letter that gives an update of life in Buheesi.

Farming in Buheesi is improving slowly. Extension Agricultural Workers have encouraged the growing of new crops for better income. In this picture you can see coffee grown with plantain.

Men working to create bricks for construction.

Corn drying in the sun.

New Wells Bring Hope to Buheesi

The earliest action by the Well Spring of Blessings Inc. was to bring wells to Buheesi. Access to clean water has made a huge difference in the quality of life to the villagers that have access to the wells. In our first year of support, two wells were provided, then several years later, a third. A generous donor brought wells four and five in 2021. Several Well Spring Teams have visited Buheesi over the years and can attest to the incredible difference these well make in the quality of life of the villagers. Waterborne diseases are dangerous and sometimes deadly and every well is a reason to rejoice as the attached pictures show. We look forward to the generosity of our donors for new wells in 2023.

The Library/Laboratory Building is Complete and Graduation is Near!

The area was a big field with bushes and tall grass. A group of Buhessi village leaders stood looking around and they could see something more. But even their vision could not have included the multiple buildings that would eventually define the St John Paul II Rwenzori Valley Secondary School. The last planned school building called the Library/Laboratory Building (Lib/Lab) was recently completed.

It will interesting to see how the Secondary School puts this new resource to use. Speaking of students, the inaugural graduation class are waiting for their national test results that are expected on 10 July.  Their graduation date is set for Sunday 25 July.  We look forward to the graduation of every one of the 28 S-4 students.
With COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be sending anyone from Well Spring of Blessings to the graduation. We look forward to pictures from the graduation. We also will be sending a gift for each one of the graduates. If the recovery from COVID-19 continues we will have a goal to send a team in 2022 for the second graduation ceremony.