Founded in 2016, the Well Spring of Blessings Organization is a source of blessings for communities seeking to improve the livelihood of their disadvantaged members or increase their effectiveness in serving others. Working with the leaders of these communities, we help them identify areas of need and propose specific short-term projects that would meet these needs. Special emphasis will be on a project that has a clear benefit to these communities, or enables them to be a blessing to others. Some projects will require considerable oversight from our organization. Other projects may only require the additional funds we could provide. The projects requiring the organization’s oversight will be prioritized using some of the following guidelines:

–The community does not have sufficient resources to meet their needs.

–The project would have a broad impact within the community and not be restricted to a select group.

–The community should be able to participate in establishing a plan for the project and use skills found in the local area to bring the project to a satisfactory conclusion.

–Projects should leverage local resources and workers to the maximum extent possible.

–Each project will be managed by someone local who will provide the project schedule, key milestones, and periodic updates to the organization.

–To the extent possible projects will be used by the community as opportunities to build the vocational and technical skills of their members.

–Once the project is completed the community should have the resources and leadership to manage the project for the long-term.

–Partnerships with other outreach groups and ministries may be considered if we find it beneficial to assist supported communities to complete a project.

–Other guidelines will be created and applied to a specific project as needed.

The Well Spring of Blessings Organization anticipates that its work will require close relationships and form lasting bonds with the communities it supports. Open and frequent communication will be critical to the success of our actions.   Accountability within our organization and the communities we support will be a core tenet of our work. A focus on the dignity of community members will be maintained at all times.   With these principals we trust that the Well Spring of Blessings will never run dry.