There is Good News and There is Some Not So Good News!

Aloysius Mugisa left Dulles Airport for Uganda on the 17th of July. After a huge line at the airport with some people bringing an enormous amount of luggage…..Aloysius headed for security.  Despite an hour delay in takeoff the contracted Ethopian Airlines flight successfully landed in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and the  next flight in Uganda was on -time.  The clearance process at Entebbe Uganda airport was “cumbersome” and Aloysius didn’t arrive at his quarantine hotel until 1am on 19 July . 

Even With a Facemask You can Spot Aloysius

Everyone on the plane had to have arranged a hotel to spend their 14 day quarantine. Aloysius’ knowledge of Kampala paid dividends as his apartment complex was a comparative luxurious place by Ugandan standards.

The quarantine time went quickly although it was extended an extra two days due to COVID-19 testing traffic jam. Aloysius reconnect with his family. It wasn’t long and he joined Francis on site at the St Pope John Paul II Rwenzori Valley Secondary School. Even though the students were not back at the school, the construction crew was. The last building needed for the graduating class is called the Library/Laboratory Building. In this building will be a library, a chemistry lab, and a computer lab. Some generous donors have helped keep the construction moving forward, but more funds are needed to finish the job. How much you ask? The funds are $15,000 short. Maybe you are one of supporters that will get us across the finishline.

The Ugandan Government continues to determine what actions to take in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. With that in mind they have still not opened the schools. Despite the best efforts of the secondary school administration it seems that the “senior” class will not graduate as expected in late Feb – early Mar. A new graduation date won’t be set until a decision is made to open the school, allowing the school staff to determine how long it takes for everything to be completed for the graduation. Stay tuned!

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