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St John Paul II Rwenzori Valley Secondary School and Buheesi Update

Uganda, like many other countries, is finally experiencing a decline in the number of COVID cases.  Life is getting back to some manner of normal, perhaps a new normal.  The last few months have seen some wonderful progress.  The inaugural graduation of the St Pope John Paul II – Rwenzori Valley Secondary School took place on Sunday 25 July.  The graduates are now on to post-Secondary School education or new jobs.  We have established a Post-Secondary School Scholarship Fund that is supporting the education expenses of one of our graduates.

Our work is not done. We will need to help support the school until the government adds it to their budget.  The new S-4 students are waiting on news of their graduation date which seems likely to be in 2023.  As the Ugandan government reestablishes its nation-wide education policies we hope to hear news on when they can get our school into the budget.

A generous donor financed two more wells in Buheesi in 2021.  Lives are being saved every day as clean water helps to reduce disease.  We are looking to support another desperately needed well or two in 2022.  We also plan, with your help, to purchase a gas-powered tiller to simplify planting for the village’s small individual family gardens.  As with the Secondary School, every dollar you donate will provide a return on this investment far above anything we can hope for.

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A video from the Chairman of the Buheesi Village

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