Aloysius Mugisa Sharing the Message

The plans were in place. Aloysius Mugisa would arrive at Dulles Airport in Virginia on 5 March. He would spend time in Virginia talking about the Well Spring of Blessings work in Uganda. He would then travel to Florida, Indiana, and California meeting with various Christians in Commerce Groups that sponsor some of his ministry in Uganda. He would then return to Dulles to fly back to Uganda, arriving home on 4 April. Even with the COVID-19 starting to make news in early March there was no expectation that things would turn out like they did.

Bill Sjoberg had worked out with his church (Corpus Christ Catholic Church) that Aloysius would come to share stories of the Catholic Church and the secondary school being supported with the teenage religious education group. A lively presentation was a blessing to all participants.

Bill and Aloysius arranged for some of the Well Spring of Blessings donors to discuss the status of the construction of the buildings of the St Pope John Paul II Rwenzori Secondary School. Aloysius also gave an update on the “senior” class (Secondary-4) class’ progress to graduate in February 2021.

With every passing day the COVID-19 restrictions got a little tighter. With the help of Jenna Gubbels and Bill, Aloysius was able to get make some audio tapes that teamed with slides to provide a thorough briefing to the students at St Veronica’s Catholic School. Although not ideal, the response from the students and parents of St Veronica’s responded with badly needed financial support.

With COVID-19 endangering a carefully coordinated trip schedule, some phone calls and emails succeeded in a new schedule. One stop in Indiana and the California leg were scrubbed. Still Aloysius was able to spend a week in Florida and another in South Bend before returning to Virginia. Not long after his return to Virginia, international travel came to a screeching halt. Returning to Uganda in early April was no longer possible. Aloysius was in Virginia and would remain there until things changed.

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