The COVID-19 Virus and the Well Spring of Blessings

It seemed like such a great idea.  Let’s work with Aloysius Musgisa one of our agents in Uganda to visit the United States.  Not only would it put a face to our support to Buheesi, but it would boost Aloysius Christians in Commerce ministry.  Plane tickets were bought and a schedule laid out.  Aloysius would spend time in Virginia, Florida, Indiana, and California before returning to Virginia on his way back to Uganda.  Everything was in place and Aloysius arrived in early March.  His schedule had him returning to Uganda in early April.  COVID-19 intervened!   Aloysius was able to meet some of our donors in Virginia and was able to travel to Florida and Indiana to meet with Christian in Commerce groups carefully following the COVID-19 guidelines for public interaction.  He was able to return to Virginia and he is awaiting a flight back to Uganda.  The borders of Uganda have been closed and any flight through the normal routes have been canceled with no future flights on the schedule.

While he awaits his return, things in Uganda have become very challenging.  A nation-wide quarantine is having a real impact.  Even though the number of people that have contacted the COVID-19 virus is low with even fewer deaths, the risk of this virus overwhelming the already limited Ugandan Medical capabilities is still very high.  The St Paul II – Rwenzori Valley Secondary School has been closed and the construction on the Laboratory/Library Building has been suspended.   There is hope that the inaugural graduation class of this school can still make its planned March 2021 graduation date.  Keep this situation in your thoughts and prayers.

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