Our Donors Making a Difference!

Every now and then there is an opportunity for someone to make a huge difference in the lives of others.  Here it was.  The Secondary School was in need of power to improve teaching methods and help the students prepare for the future.  So if you had power, what else could you do.  How about using it to run a school printer so instead for taking hours to go to a print shop in a nearby larger city, they could make the school material right in the administration building.  Almost as quickly as those thoughts were shared, two donors stepped up to provide the money.

This industrial-sized printer makes life so much easier for the teachers and the school administration.


The solar panels and batteries arrived.  They were pretty impressive even before they were installed.

The electricians got to work and it wasn’t long and the light bulbs were shining in every building.  Outlets were available for the school’s laptop, and the printer was pumping out the paper.

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