Update from Buheesi Uganda – Aug 2019

Dear Bill,
Please receive greetings and prayers from Uganda and Buheesi, I hope you, Jenna and Aisha are very well.
A lot of things have happened in Buheesi since you visited us in June. The second school term this year ends on 23/08/2019. School will close for three weeks and next term opens on September 16th 2019.
We had one bad incident when a snake crawled into our school from the neighbors bush and bit a student when she stepped on it. Fortunately Aloysius was at School. He called for a car and we rushed the girl to hospital where she was treated well. Three days later she returned to school and she is doing well.
Since you went, we have done a number of meetings to plan for the school and community. Two meetings have been held to discuss what action to take to improve household income. A third meeting will be held soon and the resolutions of the community will be communicated to you, especially what intervention the community will request of of you.
The school administration and the school board of governors met several time discussed how to build the science laboratory, the library, computer lab and teachers house of residence.Together with the technical team, including the engineer, we agreed where those buildings are going to be located when we get money.
Yesterday we got the news of the release for funds to construct a well for the community. I told the community the well is going to start soon. They were very excited they are going get fresh and clean water. The well construction is going to start immediately.
This is a planting season, most people are already planting though they are not very sure of reliable rain. The season has been very abnormal. There was no dry spell from mid-June to late August as was expected. Rain continued falling throughout the season and in fact, it interrupted drying beans and maize. But because of continued rain, there has been a good harvest especially of Bananas. Food prices dropped seriously making it very hard for parents to raise money for school fees.
Give our best regards to everyone at the Well Spring of Blessings. I will keep you updated on what’s happening here.

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