Uganda 2019 Trip – Headed Back to the USA!

An early wake up call got the team ready to head east to Entebbe for their afternoon flight.  The team got a chance to meet Aloysius’ daughter Resty at her vocation school, the Mityana Agro-Vet Institute.   Due to problems with phones, she had no idea that we were coming and the reaction to our surprise visit was priceless.

Since school was not in session a lot of the students were hanging out around the school grounds.  One of the students in this picture is from South Sudan.


Resty took us on a tour of the animal pens.  Jenna saw some Rhode Island Red Hens the same type of chickens that were prevalent in Canada.  The goats made a break for the open gate but fortunately they were rounded up before things got out of hand.


The visits to the two vocational institutes helped put the secondary school in context.   The students will have lots of options to consider and hopefully they will find a way to finance the next level of their education.  Graduation Day is sometime March 2021.  At that point the future will be bright for the first graduation class.



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