Uganda Trip 2019 – Meeting the Students That We Support!

One of the things that our Well Spring partners can do is to support Buheesi individuals or families.  After last year’s visit from the Well Spring Team, the secondary school set up a procedure for people to help offset the annual tuition fee.  This led Bill and Deb to support three girls that have moved up to the Secondary – 2 class.   It was amazing to see the difference a year made in the girls.

First there was Jackline

 Then there was Monika

Finally there was Annet

Thanks to Aloysius we were able to talk with each girl and her accompanying parent.  They were definitely uncomfortable talking about themselves but it was really important to continue to strengthen our relationships.  More to come as the girls move forward to graduation in 2021.

Jenna supports a family by providing funds for basic living expenses, a girl’s vocation school costs and another family member’s secondary school costs.


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