Uganda Trip 2019 – Day Six – Visit the Villagers

In 2018, the Well Spring of Blessings Team was able to visit several Buheesi zones.  In 2019, we took time to spend time in different zones.  To do that, we split into three teams.  The Aisha and Jenna Teams stayed in the valley.  Bill’s team went to the hill top, to visit villagers that lived on perhaps the highest hill in Buheesi.  It was a challenge for the car that Aloysius was driving to get up the rutted path, but it was certainly worth the effort.  One of the villagers had planted onions in a small field that had several graves of family members.



An interesting observation was that many of the huts on the hill top had solar panels.  It was odd to walk into a hut and see a television and a clock even though the kitchen and latrines were outside.  Villagers were also creative in making their huts as comfortable as possible.  One of them used a basket weave as a drop ceiling in their living room.

So of the villager’s huts looked like modern homes, while others looked like they would not last in a strong wind.  But to every person, no matter what it look like, it was home.  If it meant an outdoor dining area, then that was just fine!

On the way back down the hill we stopped at St Mary’s pre-school.  The school buildings showed the poverty of the school but the 100+ students were full of energy and welcomed their visitors with huge smiles.

After a lunch break, the teams went out again.  Since it was Friday the village was fairly humming as they prepared for tomorrow’s Market Day.  Several young men were threshing beans out of their husks.  Bicycles were being ready to move bananas to market.  A group of women were weaving platters and baskets in the brightest colors imaginable.

As we finished our visit around the village the kids are on the look out for you and if you stopped for just a minute we were soon surrounded.  We even saw some children that were at the primary school celebration.








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