Uganda Trip 2019 – Day Five Primary School Celebration

The Well Spring of Blessings has consistently been determined to look for opportunities to serve those in need throughout all of Buheesi.  During the 2018 visit to Uganda, it was clear that the nearby Kimboota Primary School was in serious need of help.  Funds to renovate several classrooms, provide a walkway, and new verandas was an investment that opened space for additional students and improved the school’s appearance.  Buheesi and the school took this investment and added their own resources and transformed the school, so that it was barely recognizable.   As the team arrived it seemed like every one of the nearly 1000 students and their parents were on hand.

Following the Catholic Mass each of the primary classes (P1-P7) provided something of entertainment, either a song, a poem, or a a detailed safety tip.



The visitors and distinguished guests were then invited to tour the school grounds.  Just a reminder of what the school grounds looked like in 2018.

The transformation was positively breath-taking!

Ribbon cuttings seem to have become the norm in Buheesi.  Bill and Jenna did the honors as they led the inspection of the renovated class rooms.

The Primary School showed their appreciation by providing a watermelon and a basket filled to the brim with fruit.   It should be interesting to get that basket back to the US, minus the fruit of course!  The gifts given to the priest and Aloysius included a live chicken, so the team should be thankful that all they had was fruit to dispose of.

As with the Secondary School, the team was asked to make some remarks.  God had other plans.  A slight drizzle had begun well before the team speeches.  Just as Bill was getting warmed up, the skies opened up and the crowd headed for cover.   It seemed like as good of time as any to head to the classroom where lunch awaited.

The heavy rain did not last long, but no-one was interested in hearing the team resume their talks.  There were a couple of more songs and dance numbers, but the real entertainment seemed to be watching Aloysius and Francis change the tire on their car after a stray nail had been picked up earlier in the day.  With the tire changed, the team headed back to Fort Portal to prepare for the final day in Uganda.


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