Uganda Trip 2019 – Day Five Visit to the Kisoomiro Technical Institute

On Thursday 27 Jun the team passed their normal turn to Buheesi and the Secondary School and continued down the road to the Kisoomiro Technical Institute.  On the original prioritized list from the Buheesi leaders was a Vocational School.   During the planning phase of the trip the team requested a visit to a vocational school in Uganda.   Under Aloysius’ guidance the team visited the technical institute to gain an appreciation for what a school this this might look like in Buheesi.  The Kisoomiro Institute was founded by the government and continues to get government support.    This facility consisted of six buildings.  The first thing that greeted the team was a group of students working on creating bricks for building construction.  Dirt, sand, and water were the necessary ingredients.

There were other areas of instruction such as vehicle repair, electricity installation, computers, and agriculture.  The fields on the school grounds had an area for each student to grow produce.  This produce is critical to help feed the nearly 150 students that are staying in the dorm at the school.   Produce experts come to the fields at harvest time and “grade” the students on their farmer skills.


The team had an extended discussion with the institute’s principal and he provided a real education on the founding and operation of a vocational school or institute.  We can anticipate that he would be a great resource for Buheesi planning in the future.  Aloysius and the institute principal stand together.




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