Uganda Trip 2019 – Day Four in the Classroom

Wednesday 26 Jun was a day focused on spending time in the Secondary School classes.  The team planned to talk with the teachers and the students.  Bill and Jenna will also meet with the students and family that they support financially.  However, the day started bright and early as we said goodbye to some fellow travelers, John and Stacy DeVries.  John and Stacy are bicycling for 50 days across Uganda to raise money to send 50 children to school.  They used our same hospitality house to spend a day recovering at the half way point of their adventure.  It was wonderful to share our stories and the rest of their journey can be tracked on their website


When the team arrived at the Secondary School they split up with each member spending time with each class.  Like any other classroom around the world, there were students really engaged in the subjects and others that weren’t so engaged.  The team was impressed by the teachers’ energy and enthusiasm and willingness to get the students to work together.  One of the classes was a business class were the students were taught about how to balance a ledger sheet.  This was very practical instruction in the Ugandan world of small businesses.

A second class was a biology class where students were instructed on leaves and their structure.  The teacher walked through the school grounds picking up different types of leaves for the students to study.  The students were put into groups and asked to draw and label two types of leaves.  As they finished, the teacher went around to each group to provide feedback on their work.

There was a lunch break and the students lined up with their plates.  With the size of some of these boys, one hopes that the food doesn’t run out.


Following lunch there was an art session.  It was really fun to see the intensity and natural artistic ability of some of the students.


At the end of the day, the team met with the teachers to share their impressions of their time in the classrooms.   The teachers discussed some of the projects they were involved in and some of the needs of the school.  It is clear that more support is needed as the school moves forward to graduating its first class in the Spring of 2021.  More information on those needs will be shared with our supporters shortly after the team’s return to the US.  The team agreed that the time spent with the students in the classrooms was the highlight of the trip.


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