Uganda Trip 2019 – Day Three Celebration

After visiting the proposed well site, the team arrived on the school grounds.   The students had lined up to welcome them with a red carpet experience.  The team took part in the first of two ribbon cuttings as they entered the school grounds.

Since this was Jenna’s and Bill’s second visit to Uganda, there were few surprises as to what would come next.  There was singing, dancing, speeches, a Catholic Mass, and a huge amount of food.

What a feast awaited them.  Aloysius gave a behind-the-scenes look at the cooks at work.  The methods used included a huge leaf steamer that was quite a sight.  The pot of beans was impressive.

The Secondary School added some events that looked a lot like what you would find at an American picnic.  There was a sack race and a water race where contestants had to use their mouths to transfer water from a bucket to soda bottles as quickly as possible.  There was also a “play” that addressed young people having to leave school and the danger of youth pregnancy.

The second ribbon cutting was for the multi-purpose building which was accompanied by the planting of an umbrella tree that students will use for shade.

The team was presented with a huge handcrafted basket that was beautiful.  How to get it back to the United States is a challenge left up to the team.


It is amazing how tiring sitting at a table for hours can be.  The team had a quick dinner at a local restaurant and made it an early night.






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