On the Way to Uganda – Year Two

The Well Spring of Blessings Team began its long journey from Dulles Airport on Saturday Morning 22 Jun.  They were flying on Emirates Airlines, on the largest airplane in service, the A-380 double-decker airplane.  The team headed on its first leg to Dubai shortly before noon and fourteen hours later arrived tired but cheerful from their first rate service.

A delay at Dulles caused a late arrival in Dubai, putting the team’s second leg at risk.  Fortunately an Emirates employee led the group of Dulles travelers through the Dubai Airport maze, They finally connected with the 777 aircraft waiting to head to Entebbe Uganda.  Waiting in Entebbe wereAloysius Mugisa and his two daughters.  Everyone packed into a van with the luggage, and made the slow journey to Kampala, the capital city  of Uganda.

The trip to Kampala gave the team a chance to enjoy the rugged beauty of the Ugandan countryside.  But the team soon realized that they had an even higher priority.  Get something to eat.  A quick stop at a local gas station restaurant solved that problem.

The team arrived in Kampala and had time to relax and get some rest.  The team had dinner with others at the retreat center and before too long, eyelids were starting to droop.  The team went to bed knowing that their journey was well underway and that tomorrow they would make the final leg of their journey to Fort Portal.

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