Uganda Trip 2019 – Day Two

The team, as tired as they were, had trouble sleeping through the night and were ready for Mass at 7am.  A beautiful small chapel was in a room just off the courtyard and to make things easier the Eucharistic Celebration was in English.  To add a bit of culture, the Tabernacle was a copy of a Ugandan food storage barn.  The grounds of the hospitality center were breathtaking.

The team met others for breakfast with a lively discussion on African politics and global warning.   A quick van packing and seat changes and the team was headed west to Fort Portal.

On the way out of Kampala we got a chance to stop at the Muslim Mosque overlooking the main part of the city.  It was there that one of Aisha met a worker at the temple with her same first name.  Who knew?   While the buildings and grounds were awesome it did cause us to go through the center of Kampala,  that was packed with large vehicles, motor bikes and pedestrians who often used the road in ways that defied all traffic laws!.  With the help of the local police we were able to thread our way through the traffic and were soon on our way again.

The team enjoyed the work the government had done on the road to Fort Portal.  The long drive was a wonderful opportunity for us to converse as a team and to bounce ideas off of Aloysius on “next-steps” for our work in Buhessi.  After a quick meal stop got to meet with some to the leaders in Uganda that were so instrumental in facilitating the Well Spring work in Uganda.  Their kind words of appreciation set the tone for a very positive meeting.   It was clear that their commitment to Buheesi is unwavering.  As we entered a quiet evening the District Chairman walked into the hotel and talked with the team about how the Secondary School fit into his vision.

Another busy day came to an end and the team looked forward to seeing the St Pope John Paul II Rwenzori Valley Secondary School the next morning.  What a celebration it will be!




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