St John Paul II – Rwenzori Valley Secondary School Starts its Second Year!

2018 was an incredible year for the Secondary School.  Over 100 students were part of the inaugural classes of S1 and S2.  A team from the Well Spring of Blessings visit Buheesi in April and enjoyed a beautiful welcome from the students, teachers, and staff.   But there was still a lot of work that remained.  A decision was made to build the classrooms for S3 and S4 as a single building with a partition that would divide off the building as needed.  The Well Spring of Blessings Donors were energized to support this plan, and with their generosity the building was completed in time for the 2nd year of the school to begin.

As this picture shows, the S3 and S4 building was joined to the S1 and S2 building.


With the Secondary-2 students moving up to Secondary-3 and new Secondary-1 students the school has grown to 182 students.  As exciting as that is, many of the students’ families are hard pressed to put money towards their son’s or daughter’s tuition.  Again our donors have stepped forward to support the school’s student assistance fund.  We hope that others will do the same.

Students with some of the staff outside of the administration school building.

IMG-20190206-WA0003 (1)

The Secondary-3 will enjoy the larger classroom until they move up to Secondary-4 and the new Secondary-3 class joins them in February 2020.

IMG-20190206-WA0011 (1)

Stay tuned for more information as the school year progresses.

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