The Second Classroom From Start to Finish!

The Ugandan construction crew had only a short break before the funds arrived for the second classroom.  The villagers took advantage of the time to smooth out the dirt road that the trucks would use to bring the bricks, mortar, tin roof, and other building materials.  It wasn’t long before the the spot next to the first school building began taking shape.

IMG_20170503_124342 (1).jpg20170428_125545 (1).jpg

By the end of May the outside brick work was done and less than a month later the roof and stucco was completed.

As some of the crew was working on the outside, others were working on the inside.  You can admire their work ethic but some of their construction methods will make you wince!

IMG_20170530_130116 (1).jpg20170614_131306 (1).jpg

The finished second school building.

20170629_163545 (1).jpg

The village keeps moving forward to open the secondary school in February 2018.  The next step is an Administration Building.  This building will be twice the size of each school building so will take twice the funds.

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