Founding of the Well Spring of Blessings

by Bill Sjoberg

It all began with a “Samaritan Woman at the Well” moment.  A casual conversation, something as simple as a request for a cup of water, turned into something life changing.  The Well Spring of Blessing Inc was started just that innocently.  One night in November 2015, over a glass of wine, Bill Sjoberg posed a question to Aloysius Mugisa, the head of the Christians in Commerce in Uganda Africa.  His question:  “Can you find me a village in Uganda for us to adopt?”  Little did either know what life-changing ramifications would result from that question.

Bill could not claim that there was some great God-given revelation behind this question.  The idea was much more spur-of-the-moment.  Bill had been receiving Christians in Commerce (CIC) emails for several years and at times there were articles concerning how God was moving in Uganda through the CIC ministry.  Knowing Uganda’s poverty and political unrest, Bill found it uplifting to see how the Holy Spirit was bringing blessings, hope, and peace across the country to young and old alike.  Aloysius was right in the middle of every CIC initiative, and through the CIC emails the Sjobergs were drawn to the people of Uganda and their lives.

Turn back to that night in November.  Aloysius was intrigued by Bill’s question and asked what he meant.   Bill stated what would become one of the Well Spring of Blessings guiding principles.  He said:  “We want to be a source of blessings to the people of Uganda, but not just on a one-time deal.  We want to form relationships, and see first-hand what God can do.”  This theme of personal, long-term relationships, would help guide future decisions.  Aloysius said that the first thing any Ugandan village would need is clean water.  Both men left that night determined to see what God had in mind.

Several weeks later, an email from Aloysius identified the village, Buheesi.  Within a couple of months, Buheesi had two wells providing clean water.  Pictures of the smiling faces of the villagers around those wells brought additional inspiration.  Bill asked:  “What else does Buheesi need?”  At the top of the list was a Secondary School.

 As the Sjobergs started sharing their Buheesi Story, friends and family became interested in supporting the Buheesi Project.  The building of a Secondary School became a rallying point for prayer and financial support.  It became clear that in order to facilitate support to Buheesi, a non-profit organization would need to be founded.

In prayer, the Sjobergs and their growing team of supporters conceived of the Well Spring of Blessings Inc.  Although the corporation’s initial focus was Buheesi, the founders envisioned an organization that could respond to needs in other areas both in the United States and abroad.  As the paperwork for the Well Spring of Blessings Inc made its way through government channels, money was making its way to Buheesi for the first classroom building of the Secondary School.

The approval of the Well Spring of Blessings Inc as a non-profit corporation has opened the door for discussion among its staff and supporters about other projects and how this corporation can be structured to expand its ministry.  Stay tuned as we see how that vision comes into focus.

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