Details of the Busheesi Secondary School

Uganda secondary school lasts six years. It is divided into two sections: Ordinary Secondary School which takes four years and Advanced Secondary School, will take two years.  In February 2018, the school will start with two classes: secondary one and secondary two. Secondary one have children  that graduated from primary schoolSecondary two have children who have completed a year of secondary school in another school. Thus the two classes will not graduate from secondary school at the same time. Secondary two will graduate one year before secondary one.  After Advanced Secondary School, students may go to a university for a three year degree program.  Medical and law take take five years.  Buheesi will be preparing students to go to the University at Fort Portal.

The cost of secondary school education  differs from school to school.  Schools for well-to-do families may charge $600 per child per year . Schools for the very rich can charge $850 per year. Schools for the poor charge around $300 per child per year.  The Buhessi School Board has yet to determined the annual cost per student.

The name of the school has been decided.  It will be called: Rwenzori Valley – Buheesi Secondary School.

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