The Buheesi Wells

By Bill Sjoberg

The image of the two boys leaning over the creek stays with you.  This is how the village of Buheesi survives.  That creek is the village’s lifeline but it is not a healthy life.  The early conversations between Aloysius Mugisa and I about supporting Buheesi went immediately to the need for clean and safe water.

Fortunately, Aloysius had worked with Christians-in-Commerce to put wells in other villages in Uganda.  Aloysius had formed a relationship with Steven Zobro, a real estate developer in Arizona.  Steve had a background in putting wells in parcels of land in Arizona which translated later into putting wells in Africa.  Steve formed Flowing Waters Charity in 2011. By 2015 the corporation was well established and ready when my wife Deb and I decided to put two wells in Buheesi.
By February 2016 the Ugandan crew had begun and boy did they work fast!  The villagers were excited about every phase of the well.  Every time the water came out of the well it drew a crowd.


The second well followed quickly after the first was finished.   Aloysius then asked an interesting question.  What should we name the wells.  People who put wells in African villages would put up a sign.  Sometimes the sign was a memorial for a loved ones or a significant event in the benefactor’s life.  Deb and I wanted to put scriptures on the signs.  We chose Psalm 34 and 1 Corinthinans 13 and sent the scriptures to Aloysius.  A communication quirk resulted in both scriptures at both wells.  The prayerful Buheesi villagers christened the wells rejoicing in God’s blessings.


It wasn’t long before each well was surrounded by villagers with their yellow five gallon water containers.  Each container was a sign of hope that each well would be a source of blessings to each of them.


The numerous pictures of the villagers around the wells stirred new determination in our hearts to do more.  Aloysius and a newly hired Ugandan named Francis Mwebingwa went to Buheesi with the Sjobergs’ question:  “What else does Buheesi need?”  The men worked closely with village leaders to create a prioritized list of needs.  At the top of the list was a Secondary School!  Wow….what an exciting opportunity to see God move in even greater ways.  The journey continues.

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