Inaugural Graduation!

The day that everyone has been waiting for dawned nice and sunny. On August 8, 2021 twenty eight students gathered with their families to celebrate all their hard scholastic work. Here is a commemorative plaque for future students to see.

This is what the graduates look like in person.

Each graduate got an individual plaque.

All this would not have been possible without good grades. Report cards are pretty big don’t you think?

Each graduate had their few minutes of fame receiving their plaque.

What would graduations be without a speech or two.

Every class has a valedictorian. Our school is no exception!

As the graduates look forward to the future, we hope they left a heritage of hard work and excellence other students at the school. Aloysius and Francis have promised to collect and maintain information of the alumni as they move into post-secondary education or into the job market.

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