Buheesi Villagers Meet to Discuss Future Decisions

The St Pope John Paul II Rwenzori Valley Secondary School is a resource not only for its students, but it allows villagers to meet to discuss future plans for Buheesi. Aloysius Mugisa provided the following summary of a recent meeting.

On Sept 15th a very important meeting that was held at the secondary school.   Most of the village leaders attended the meeting where we discussed what is needed to improve household income in Buheesi.  Several strategies were discussed among them was to grow high-yield and fast=growing cowpeas which have a ready market.  Households need to be supported with tilling the land in preparation for planting.  The gas-powered tiller we talked about would be just what is needed.  The next idea was to to do piggery.  The poor in Buheesi who can build sheds with local materials would benefit from managing piglets.  This would work very well for those families that have only a little bit of land.  The third idea was small-scale poultry.  There is a ready market for eggs.

We had two agricultural and veterinary officers at the meeting.  We tasked them to provide technical expertise to the villagers for poultry farming.  They’re already giving advice for animal and crop production, which has already improved the income for many of the villagers already.  We are going to meet in one month to identify the households that can start these projects and the size of need they have.  

Above all the most important economic development project is the secondary school.  It has the long term benefits. Once the young generation gets an education, the circumstances of their households will surely change.  We are so grateful for your continued support to the school.

Aloysius also provided pictures of the meeting.

We look forward to hearing more from the initiatives that were discussed. Some of them will undoubtedly need the financialsupport of our generous donors. Please consider how you can help.

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